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How to achieve sleep-life balance

How to achieve sleep-life balance

Juggling life is hard, but doing it all without sleep is much harder. It is unhealthy, too. If we look at the statistics, lack of sleep is causing many health issues for individuals, families, and communities at large.

World Sleep Stats

We’ll stop there and lighten the mood. The thing is, even though lack of sleep is widespread, it can be quite easy to get back on track and wake up fresh again.

The best way to balance sleep and the rest of life

We can spend hours debating the issue of how much we need to sleep, but there's just no point. 7 - 9 hours are just fine, depending on how your body feels. The fact is, we all need to sleep, we deserve to relax, and our lives get better when we do.

Usually, people talk about creating a work-life balance. At Puffy, we stand for sleep-life balance because all the best things in life start with healthy sleep.

The best way to create a meaningful and lasting balance between sleep and life is to become strict with your time, mainly after 8 pm.

Falling asleep at 8 pm is close to impossible, but you can start slowing down and setting an intention to sleep really well.

Use our eight simple rules below.

The 8 pm eight-step sleep strategy.

We recommend completing these eight simple steps to prepare your mind and body for a night of deep and relaxing sleep.

Rule 1: Set your alarm early
Set your alarm for the next morning at 8 pm. Doing this nice and early will remind you that bedtime is coming.

Rule 2: Don't have dinner after 8 pm
Eating too close to bedtime can lead to indigestion and worsen insomnia. It's best to digest and then hit the bed!

Rule 3: No caffeine
Eliminating caffeine after 8 pm can help you sleep better and wake up fresh for a new day. Caffeine accelerates your heart rate and reduces sleepiness, which is the last thing you need at night!

Rule 4: Shower before bed
Having a shower before bed has multiple benefits, improved sleep being a key one. Showering after 8 pm will stabilize your body temperature and help regulate your natural circadian rhythm for optimal sleep. Plus, showering before bed does wonders for your skin and keeps the sheets clean!

Rule 5: No drinking after 8 pm
Let's face it; one drink can sometimes lead to two. Avoiding alcohol after 8 pm can help you maintain great sleep-life balance and wake up rejuvenated.

Rule 6: Slow down weekday social activities
During school nights, aim to get your social activities done before 8 pm. Creating this rule during weekdays will ensure you get the sleep you need.

Rule 7: Disconnect from digital
Slowing down the use of your digital devices is a great way to start preparing for a cozy nights sleep.

Rule 8: Love your bedroom
The final and most crucial step is to make sure your bedroom is set-up just how you like it. When you love your bedroom, you are more likely to sleep peacefully.

If your bedroom needs some love, introduce Puffy into your life. It's like sleeping on a cloud.

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