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Memory Foam VS Spring: Who Wins?

Memory Foam VS Spring: Who Wins?

Memory Foam VS Spring: Who Wins?

Are you team memory foam or team spring?

Around here, we are all about memory foam, the luxurious kind. We want to share why memory foam is the better choice when you want to have an optimal sleep experience.

That’s why we have created this list of the top 10 reasons why we recommend luxury memory foam over spring mattresses every day of the week.

The foam mattress vs. spring mattress debate has gained heat over the past decades with new technologies and materials entering the mattress industry. This is excellent news for sleep lovers, as you can now find luxurious mattress options at comfortable prices.

What The Spring?

Just like spandex and perms, spring mattresses were top-rated in the ’80s.

Spring mattresses were sold with creative flare, fancy names for layers and materials allowed retailers to sell these beds at mind-blowing prices. Fast forward to today. Luxuriously comfortable sleep no longer has a $5,000 - $10,000 price tag.

But old habits do die hard. There are still sleepers out there breaking their bank for a luxury spring mattress that promises the world. If this is you, we would love to talk to you about the amazing abilities of luxury memory foam.

Luxury Memory Foam Goodness

When it’s time for your next upgrade, at least give luxury memory foam a chance to prove itself. You are likely to be pleasantly surprised that amazing sleep night after night is possible, without having to tap into your life savings.

Here are the top 10 reasons why luxury memory foam mattresses trump spring mattresses:


You will often pay much less for a luxury memory foam mattress than a high-end spring mattress. Not because it is not as comfortable, durable, or supportive. Only because it doesn’t have the same mark-up that spring mattress makers use when selling to you.


Unlike memory foam mattresses, which can be compressed and delivered to your door within days, spring mattresses are bulky. They can be a nightmare when you are moving or rearranging the bedroom.


Spring mattresses can last up to 8 years, but by then, they are likely to be in a pretty poor state. Worn out springs can lead to pain and discomfort. Luxury memory foam will often come with a lifetime warranty, giving you better sleep with peace of mind.

Climate control

Spring mattresses are constructed with metal coils, the thicker the coils, the firmer the mattress. This construction makes the spring mattress significantly less breathable than luxury memory foam mattresses.

Memory foam allows for enhanced air circulation when designed with advanced temperature and humidity resistant materials.


Many memory foam mattresses have a removable cover that is washable for year-round freshness. Due to the spring construction within most spring mattresses, covers cannot be removed and washed.

This means many spring mattresses accumulate dust and germs quite quickly.

Motion control

Are you a light sleeper? If so, even the smallest movement made by your sleeping buddy probably wakes you up. A luxury memory foam mattress absorbs movement and isolates motion for a restful night.

Spring mattresses are not known for having the ability to isolate motion to the same degree as they are designed to create a 'bouncy' feel.


Who likes hugs? Everyone, of course. Luxury Memory Foam mattresses contour the body. Whether you sleep like a log on your back, side or stomach, or move around constantly, memory foam will help your body feel contoured and comfortable.

Spring mattresses are not known to provide a soft hug as the springs are more reactive than they are proactive.

Pressure point support

Do you need a mattress that will help your body feel better? Luxury memory foam is the way to go. Look out for targeted pressure relief. This means your key pressure points will feel relaxed while you sleep.

Some spring mattresses may provide pressure relief, but generally, these options are layered with memory foam, too.

Shipping and Warranty

You can order a luxury memory foam mattress online and have it delivered straight to your door in as little as 2 - 5 days. Plus, you will be able to set it up yourself within minutes. With Puffy, you can also get free delivery and a lifetime warranty. Yes, warranty for a lifetime. It is close to impossible to find a spring mattress with these benefits.


What can you do if you are not happy with your mattress? If the mattress is a Puffy, you can return it free and get a refund for up to 101 nights after your purchase! It is not likely that you can return your spring mattress for free as they are much heavier and do not come with a lifetime warranty.

Still not convinced?

That’s okay. Buying a new bed is a huge decision. So it’s good to put in the research. Read more about the differences between foam and spring mattresses.

If you want to give the best luxury memory foam mattress a try, here is $300 off!


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