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Every Child Deserves
A Comfortable Mattress

The Puffy Mattress Donation Program helps communities sleep better.



At Puffy, sleep is our lifeblood, and our mission is simple: we want everyone to sleep as well as possible. Many children in the UK face homelessness.

These children are some of the most vulnerable in our community, and they do not have a safe place to sleep. Charities across the UK need our support to provide essential housing solutions to ensure these children are safe and healthy.

That’s why we are so passionate about our Puffy Donation Program. Donating just one mattress makes a lasting impact on the health of a child. Everyone deserves to sleep well and dream big.


Help Donate a Puffy Mattress to a Child in Need!

Post a photo with the Puffy Mattress on Instagram, Facebook, or Twitter

Tag the photo with @puffymattress and #puffydonation

It's that easy!

For every 10 posts, Puffy will donate a mattress to one of our valued donation partners.

We Engage Directly With Our Community

"Puffy is always so generous. They have donated mattresses for our residential youth and families. We’re so fortunate to have received the donation of mattresses from Puffy. Our youth love the comfort and also the fact that it comes from an organization that cares. You are helping our youth and our families and they thank you!"

Penny Lane

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