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The Puffy Mattress

The Puffy Mattress - the culmination of years of sleep technology and design has finally brought about one of the best mattress for one of the best sleeps.  With the Cooling Cloud™ layer, the Puffy hugs and supports your body for a wonderfully blissful sleep.  This special gel infused layer allows our mattress to be perfect for side sleepers and back sleepers.

Our ClimateComfort™ technology was expertly crafted to resist any irregular temperature fluctuations, meaning you should expect a consistent and comfortable sleep every night. It also gives off a warming effect in the cold and cooling effect in the heat, something that further improves a consistent night's sleep.

The Puffy foam mattress adapts to the pressure and weight of a persons body and conforms to provide optimal support for the amazing sleep night after night.  The Cooling Cloud comfort layer is the reason for why the Puffy mattress reviewsconsistently state it as being one of the best mattresses of 2020 for those who have trouble sleeping.  With our unique cooling system, your body is kept at a constant neutral temperature, ensuring that you will sleep comfortably throughout the night.

Our multi-level sleep system provides a contouring hold that, unlike competitors top mattresses, is uniquely capable of providing a soft, enveloping feeling, while still remaining highly breathable and supportive.  No other mattress on the market provides the comfort that the Puffy mattress can - If you don't believe us, try Puffy worry-free for 101 nights.  If you don't believe that you've had the best sleep of your life, we'll help donate your Puffy Mattress to a local charity and provide you a full refund.

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