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pPuffy Mattress Reviews

Curious to know why others think that Puffy Mattress is the best mattress for any type of sleepers before making your purchase or want to leave a review of your own?

Reading many of our 5-star reviews will demonstrate not only the quality of our product but also the high level of customer satisfaction the Puffy Mattress is known for. Read our customer reviews or leave a review to let others know how the amazing Puffy Mattress and Puffy Lux Mattress transformed your sleep!

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Puffy Mattress Reviews and Ratings

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Based on 8450 reviews
The Puffy Mattress
Susan Lennox
My Puffy mattress

Not having had a memory foam mattress before, I researched in detail. I was prepared to take time getting used to it but from the first night I had the best sleep. My Puffy mattress makes me feel like a princess sleeping on a cloud. I love it.

The Puffy Mattress
Schellie Duce
Sweetest Mattress Ever!

I have had my Puffy mattress a little over a month now! I sleep like a dream and love that the mattress reads my body. I wake up pain free and refreshed each morning! Thank you!!

Proof is in the PUFFY

As many people, we were truly hesitant to purchase without trying but once I convinced my husband that it could be returned without risk, he agreed. I'm so happy we took the chance. We LOVE our Puffy. I can even sleep on my back now without pillows stacked under my knees. Believe me, take the chance. I'm sure it will be as puffy good for you as it is for us. If not, no risk, return it.

The Puffy Mattress
Hunter Mayo

ORIGINAL PUFFY IS THE BEST MATTRESS I HAVE EVER HAD!!! It is literally like sleeping on a cloud. Soooo happy with it!

The Puffy Royal Mattress
Sarah Mai
Sooo comfortable

We love this mattress!!! It’s so comfortable and so much support. My husband has nerve damage and sleep is hard to come by, he sleeps better in this bed than any other we have had. We love the soft sheets and my husband won’t sleep with our the body pillow. We bought the sheets for our boys too. We are saving to get them puffy mattresses. Our 12 year old golden loves it so much she won’t move for me to make the bed if she is napping!

The Puffy Lux Mattress
Jeremy Kruger
No more back pain!

I bought a new mattress two years ago but was already having issues with it losing support. My back pain was horrible from the lack of support ...It was so uncomfortable that I have been sleeping on my couch. I decided to give the puffy mattress a try and I am glad that I did. The back pain is now gone because of the Puffy mattress. Thank you

The Puffy Royal Mattress
Stacia Aman
Our second Puffy is amazing

We purchased a second puffy mattress for our master bedroom. We selected the Luxe hybrid queen and it took about 30 days for it to fill out and get firmer. Now it is perfect and my husband and I sleep incredibly well with fewer aches and pains. Our first Puffy in another home continues to be amazing and is a firmer sleeping experience.

The Puffy Lux Mattress
Cheryl Haugo
Puffy Comfy All Night Long

Before we bought the Puffy Lux mattress, I had trouble sleeping all night through. I have back and hip pain and would awaken most nights in terrible pain to toss and turn a while before falling back to sleep. Since the Puffy Lux, I have slept soundly almost every night as has my Husband. On top of the comfort, it seems as though my Husband's snoring has been reduced. A nice bonus. A great investment. One of our friends even bought the Puffy after hearing how much we loved it.

Cheryl, we're so glad to hear both you and your husband are sleeping better than ever with your new Puffy Lux! Thanks for choosing Puffy, as well as a wonderful review!

The Puffy Lux Mattress
Marcia Fisher
Love love love my puffy !!!

I was skeptical of this mattress before trying. We have had it nearly 3 months now and I cannot say enough about this mattress. We get a wonderful night sleep and our achy bodies are not so achy any more ! I never thought I would be one to say it but WE LOVE OUR PUFFY !!!! This is our third mattress in 10 years. We finally found the one we were looking for !!!!

We're thrilled you're finally catching up on the sleep you deserve, Marcia! Thanks for an awesome review.

Amazing Comfort

After getting rid of our coil spring mattress, we were amazed on the support and comfort of our Puffy Lux mattress. No more sore hips or aching back!
This is the best mattress we have ever purchased!!

We're so happy to hear you're sleeping pain-free, Greg! Thanks for your review.

Looking for a good nights sleep!?!

We have had our Puffy Lux for a little over a month now and it truly is like sleeping on a cloud. I don’t wake up with back pain any more. I can’t wait to go to bed every night! My pups love it too!

We're so glad you and your adorable pups are sleeping cozier, Lisa! Thanks for a wonderful review.

Great night’s sleep!

Mattress is cushioned and very comfy, and gives the support that I need for my back and joints. I’m very pleased with the mattress!

Joan, so good to hear you're sleeping supported and cozy with your new mattress! Thanks for choosing Puffy.

Sleeping tight

Puffy Lux is comfortable & cozy. Plus I don’t get too hot or too cold.

We're so pleased you're sleeping cool and comfy with your new Puffy Lux, Dawn! Thanks for sharing.

The Puffy Mattress
Anthony Pinero
I Wish

Comfortable from day 1. No break-in time needed, I’m so pleased with my puffy mattress. They only problem is that I’m always in it! I prefer it over my expensive couch and chairs. I read, write, draw, watch Television, and play video games in it! Wish I purchased a puffy mattress in the past because my other expensive mattresses had me waking up all stiff and sore. Thank you puffy mattress I wish I could afford to buy more pillows, covers, and sheets from you guys. However, honestly if I did, I probably use that money to buy another puffy mattress to put in another room, haha!

Antony, we're so glad you're sleeping comfier with your new mattress! Thanks for the wonderful review.

The Puffy Mattress
Mandra Pearl
Puffy Love Magic💙 ☁ 😴

The Puffy mattress is honestly amazing! It has changed my world with luxurious support and comfort. It almost feels sinfully indulgent! This review is seriously past due but I've been telling friends and family about my beloved Puffy mattress since my purchase.
I realized I would need to invest in a new mattress when my traditional Pillow top started to show its age. In February, after almost 15 years, my pillow top mattress started squeaking with any movement and sagging in the middle. By March , my old mattress was done and I was waking up feeling like a truck hit me. I'm a healthy active person but my old mattress was causing hip, back and shoulder pain that woke me multiple times during the night. Mattress shopping is usually something I've always done in person, to find the perfect firmness, but thanks to the COVID 19 pandemic, that was not an option. So the online research began.
I ordered the original Puffy mattress on July 15th and the foundation on July 17th, both were delivered by July 21st which is amazing considering we were in the 4th month of quarantine here in the San Francisco bay area and nothing was being delivered on time. I chose the original Puffy mattress because I've always preferred a very firm bed. The 101 night trial was the main reason I made the leap without being able to try it in person. Once my old mattress and box spring were removed, I put together the foundation. It was super easy and I did all of the set up by myself! I easily opened and unrolled the mattress on top of the foundation and let it expand for about eight hours. It has a slight bamboo smell that I actually really love. The first night of sleeping on this magic luxury, I did not wake up once! By the third night on the Puffy, I woke up completely pain free! I am sleeping a solid eight or nine hours without tossing and turning or waking up. And absolutely no noise from this mattress. My Puffy mattress supports every inch of my body just right. I was a little concerned it would become too soft for my lower back( I'm a bit of a curvy woman) so I reached out to the Puffy costumer service. This company is excellent in product and customer service support. They immediately responded and shipped a firm mattress topper. The firm topper added just the right amount of firmness without taking away the magic Puffy comfort. Thank you Puffy for making this indulgent, supportive magic cloud of a mattress! The extra large Pillow that I received free with my mattress is also a bit of heavenly comfort. I've always loved a firm flatter pillow but the larger Puffy pillow actually aligns my head and body perfectly while sleeping on my beloved puffy magic cloud. It took a few weeks to realize it but the pillow gives my neck the exact amount of height and support as it aligns my back. I sleep with the puffy pillow every night now that I've gotten used to it. This mattress and foundation are one of the best purchases ever made and worth every penny. The foundation also gives a little extra storage room under the bed which is an added bonus. After three months of sleeping on my Puffy, my body is pain free even my neck and feet! If you are considering a Puffy mattress, go for it and get some amazing bedroom luxury delivered to your door.

Mandra, we're so glad you've had such a positive experience with Puffy! Thank you for sharing such an informative and great review!

The Puffy Lux Mattress
Curtis Snider
Love My New Puffy❣️

My new Puffy Lux arrived exactly when they said it would and was very easy to set up. It expanded very quickly and within about 20 minutes I was lying down on the most comfortable mattress in the world! It is so much better than my old mattress and the best I have ever experienced. This mattress is top quality! I highly recommend it. You won’t regret it.

We're so glad you're sleeping more comfortably with your new Puffy, Curtis! Thanks for sharing your wonderful review.

Amazingly comfortable!!!

We have been looking for a new mattress and we’re a bit skeptical about purchasing one that came in a box..boy were we wrong!! This mattress is so comfortable but most importantly it is dense enough that when your partner rolls over or moves, you cannot feel it on your side...this is a huge plus for a good night sleep... thank you puffy mattress!! We could not be happier!!

Lisa, so good to hear both you and your partner can catch up on some uninterrupted, peaceful sleep with your new mattress! Thanks for choosing Puffy!

Best matress ever!

We originally bought the puffy lux, but decided to stitch to a king and we went with the puffy lux hybrid. The puffy lux was comfortable but oh my the hybrid is amazing!!! It is more plush than the lux and we are getting the best night sleep! We wanted our room to feel like a luxury hotel, so I also bought the sheets and comforter. My husband says it's better than a hotel! We are so happy with our puffy products and the customer service was excellent! When we bought the puffy lux it came with the king pillow, its heavy but I love it, when we switched to the hybrid it came with a more lighter plush pillow, which my husband loves! LOVE PUFFY!

We're thrilled to hear you're getting the sleep you deserve with your new hybrid, Kayli! Thanks for sharing such a great review.

Cozy Haven!

I remember having a memory foam bed eons ago and I loved it, but I don’t even recall loving it as much as this Puffy Mattress! It perfectly contours to the shape of my body and hugs me tight like how a warm cup of pumpkin spice tea embraces my entire body full of goodness and comfort. My friend slept on the Puffy mattress one night and she raves about how it was the best sleep she had ever gotten in a very long time. Thank you!

Ju, we feel cozier just reading your review! Thank you for sharing such a lovely review, we're so glad you're loving your new Puffy!

The Puffy Lux Mattress

Best sleep we have ever had. Just love the idea of going up stairs and laying on the bed, it feels so nice. Thanks

We're so pleased you're sleeping better with your new Puffy, Maris! Thanks for sharing

The Puffy Lux Mattress
Matthew Buchanan
My Parents love it

I took advantage of a Paypal Order Promotion, and it is everything I could have expected and more. My parents love it and don't sleep with out it

We're so pleased you and your family are sleeping better thanks to your new Puffy Mattress, Matthew! Thanks for sharing.

The Puffy Mattress
Mindy Fowler-Guzzardo
Puffy Is Perfect

Our Puffy mattress is the most comfortable mattress we have ever owned! It is super soft while also giving great support. We have never slept better. Puffy gives us the perfect night’s sleep every night!

Mindy, it's so wonderful to see both you and your adorable cat are enjoying your new mattress! Thanks for sharing.

The Puffy Lux Mattress

forgot the picture

The Puffy Lux Mattress
Edward Vetalice
My Puffy

Totally satisfied. Very comfortable , be it sleeping , or lounging around. Great back support. I feel good every morning. Love the king size pillow as well. My Puffy sits on antique bed frame, with carved castle towers on the bedposts.

We're happy to hear you're sleeping cozier in your new Puffy Mattress, Edward! Thanks for sharing.


From my initial mobile website experience to the best sleep I’ve ever had on a mattress, I am so grateful for Puffy!!!

We're grateful for you, Jenn! Thanks for an awesome review.

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